kimberley hansler



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My inspiration lies in the process

of breathing life back into once

loved materials.And by letting go of

desired outcomes,I open myself to a

world where anything is possible

and there are no mistakes.

     Raised in Pennsylvania and on the shore of New Jersey, I may have been born an East Coast girl, but since my sweet 16, I've been a California girl all the way - specifically a Huntington Beach chick. Bits of hand-torn pages from books, maps, sheet music and glossy magazines flutter about (color-coded of course and neatly stored) awaiting my next inspiration. Yet my creative workspace maintains an expert level of structure thanks to my day job as an organizational consultant and coach. I'm an anomaly - equally left and right brained. 

     I love all animals, but have a special affinity for dogs. Why? A dog's experience is always new, even after doing something for the 42nd time. They exhibit unbridled freedom. They have pure hearts and love unconditionally. All qualities I admire deeply. I love creating dog portraits because it reminds me to be present and free... like my subjects. Although she crossed the rainbow bridge, I was lucky enough to have 14 years of live-in inspiration from my crazy English Cocker Spaniel rescue, Gilligan. The inspiration baton has passed to rescued sisters Hazel and Sunshine

2010 - present
2010 - present

best. dogs. ever.