a view into my creative process

Born into a creative family, I was making my own Barbie clothes and jewelry from found objects for as long as can remember. To me creativity is all about how many rules you can forget. The most amazing thing about art is when you finish, there is something there that didn't exist before.


I see a tremendous amount of excess in my profession as an organizational consultant and coach and am fueled by a desire to keep as much out the landfills as possible. I consider myself "light green" and think it is important to remember everything we do affects not only our lives, but also shapes the world around us. I believe in spending wisely, wasting less and appreciating more.


My art is created with joy and cannot wait to see if in reality the piece will be as good as what I imagined ithe creative process. And while I often feel attached when my artwork is completed, I know when it leaves it will spread the joy. And that makes me happy.


I use only upcycled paper materials in my art... books, magazines, maps, sheet music and more! Enjoy browsing my one-of-a-kind, handmade originals. I hope they make you smile.


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